The Different Styles of Houses in Denver

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Perhaps you’re searching for the right style for your new home in Denver. Have you ever taken a walk through the neighborhoods around the city? If you have, you will surely notice a few distinctive architectural styles, each with unique characteristics. These architectural gems can give you some great ideas for what to look for in your new home. In this article, we will cover the major architectural styles found in the houses in Denver.

Styles of Houses in Denver

In a city as diverse as Denver, there is no lack of architectural styles to choose from. A few of the commonly found ones include Victorian, Modern Bungalow, Denver Square, Tudor Style, and Mid-Century Modern. Let’s discuss them in more detail.

Victorian Style

Even though most Victorian homes were constructed in the 19th century, they are still a popular choice. These homes are commonly found in the Capitol Hill, Highlands, and Curtis Park neighborhoods.

Modern Victorian homes can be a great combination of medieval architecture and the latest technology. They come in complex designs that resemble a small castle with two or three stories. Victorian houses also have elaborate interiors with intricate woodwork. Add to that the wraparound porches, and you will have a spacious home with an elaborate design.

Modern Bungalow

A bungalow is an excellent option if you want a smaller and simpler home that still looks stylish. Moreover, they can also be built on a modest budget. It’s one of the most popular architectural styles in the neighborhoods around Denver.

Typically, bungalows have one or one-and-a-half stories with a squarish layout and a covered front porch. While they aren’t exactly symmetrical, they offer a balanced and well-proportioned design. Bungalows have deep interior spaces and offer great accessibility. Since they don’t have many stairs, bungalows offer excellent mobility throughout the interior space.

Denver Square

It’s not easy to identify a Denver Square home. The fact that it was renamed “American Foursquare” doesn’t help with the identification either. To locate these homes, you must take a tour of the Cheesman Park, West Highland, and Park Hill areas. This design became popular in the late 19th century. These homes are an updated version of the Victorian style with a cube shape and a more straightforward layout.

Some of the main features of Denver Square are the boxy shape, a wide porch, and large windows. Most of these houses have two stories with a pyramid-shaped roof. The best part is, that it’s simple to build and can also be easily updated in the future.

Tudor Style

If you want your home to be lifted right out of the pages of a fairy tale, the Tudor style is the best choice. It’s also one of the oldest home designs that originated in 15th Century England.

A significant advantage of Tudor homes is the steeply pitched roofs that make them ideal for tackling snow and rain. Other typical characteristics of this home are a fireplace, a chimney, and cross gables. You’ll find Tudor homes in the Hilltop, Belcaro, Park Hill, and Montclair neighborhoods. However, these homes come with a hefty price tag.

Mid-Century Modern

These homes were first built in the mid-20th century and had a vintage style design. The main focus of the invention is functionality and lifestyle. That concept is reflected in the clean lines, large windows, and open floor plans.

Another feature of these homes is the smooth blending of the interior and exterior spaces. The design blends these homes with the natural environment. In most cases, the overall design is simple with minimalism.


These are some of the most popular architectural styles used in the houses in Denver. However, don’t choose your home simply based on these explanations and basic research. We suggest that you step out and visit the neighborhood you wish to live in to understand more about these architectural variances and cultures.

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