Who Is Halo Group?

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Meet Halo Group. Founded in 2020 by Austin & Tanner aims to deliver a true luxury experience for every client through effective 360° marketing and creative negotiation every time. Austin & Tanner are more than your agents, they are your advisors that help build actionable step-by-step plans for achieving your real estate goals in both commercial and residential real estate. Halo Group values relationships and clients first and is committed to serving the Denver Metro & surrounding area.

Where Do We Specialize?

A trusted advisor is the most important aspect of any real estate transaction. In fact, they can often make or break a successful transaction. While many real estate agents exist across the nation, identifying experts proves difficult. Halo Group and affiliates are tried and tested, specializing in the areas below to give you peace of mind.


It’s widely known that buying, selling, renting, or converting a real estate asset into a profitable venture is a challenging, complex, and time-sensitive process. Unfortunately,  without the proper support and understanding, it’s not going to be as simple as TV shows make it look. Numerous situations may arise that dramatically impact the outcome of an investment. If you are considering buying real estate, currently own real estate, inheriting real estate, or want to sell a piece of real estate, you could greatly benefit from the help of a professional firm like Halo Group Real Estate Advisors.


The team at Halo Group are your trusted source and advisors who will help you reach your goals in both commercial and residential real estate. They are constantly evaluating the market, new trends, and technologies to help you take advantage of market shifts.  A resource worth mentioning is Halo Group’s collection of community pages and neighborhood highlight videos. These are designed to help people relocating to Colorado become more familiar with the state/city and find the right community for them or their family based on location, schools, prices, amenities restaurants, activities, and more.

About The Founders

Halo Group was founded by Tanner Schmidt and Austin Hartley. These two former high school basketball rivals were once each other’s greatest competition, however, over the years they realized they shared similar interests and backgrounds. The once unlikely duo teamed up to create Halo Group – a full-service real estate advisor and brokerage firm.


Austin Hartley, a co-founder of Halo Group Real Estate Advisors, is an experienced broker, investor, and successful podcast host. He has numerous years of experience in new construction, residential sales, multifamily syndications, and land development. Austin is a dynamic communicator who possesses the ability to establish meaningful connections with his clients. He’s highly organized and strives to not just meet – but exceed all goals and expectations set. 

He is a former College athlete that loves fitness, Star Wars, and plays an active part in his community and church. Austin’s educational background includes earning a bachelor’s degree in Business with a concentration in real estate and finance from Colorado State University. Austin started The Success Science Podcast to help others gain an understanding of what generates financial freedom, what turns passion into purpose, and what habits lead to success in life and business. 

In addition to the podcast, Austin also produces online courses educating people on real estate, travel, real estate investing, and podcasting. Austin has been featured in CBS, Yahoo, Fox, New York weekly, and many other notable podcasts.


Tanner Schmidt is another co-Founder of Halo Group Real Estate Advisors. He is one of the top real estate professionals in the Denver Metro area with extensive experience in buying, selling, and investing. Tanner listens to his clients to make sure he fully understands their visions. Once he knows exactly what they’re wanting to accomplish, he creates a detailed plan to achieve those goals. Tanner understands research is key and gives evidence-based, factual insight when advising clients. He’ll work hard to help you achieve your real estate goals. He has helped his clients buy and sell property for personal, business, and investment purposes. 

Tanner earned his degree in business finance and leadership from Colorado Christian University, this education alongside his experience in real estate gives him the knowledge and expertise to help you make sound investments for your future. He isn’t just an agent, he’s a business leader. Tanner focuses on educating clients and providing his insight throughout the entire buying, selling, or investing process.  

Tanner enjoys working out, playing basketball, playing the piano, and supporting his home team, the Denver Nuggets. He also volunteers with the Boys and Girls Club and Special Olympics of Colorado in his free time.

Through a shared desire to help others achieve success, and a mission to serve the Denver Metro community – Halo Group was born. The beginning is here and Tanner & Austin cannot wait for what is to come!

Advice That Matters.
Representation That Cares.
Results That Deliver.

This is Halo Group.